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Omega Training LLC is a NCCER-certified Accredited Training Institution capable of conducting training modules and performance evaluations. Omega Training LLC relies on third-party NCCER sources to ensure the program's credibility.

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Strategic Partnership.

NCCER is an education organization that was created in 1996 with the objective of creating comprehensive construction, maintenance, and pipeline courses with transferable credentials to help solve the critical skilled labour shortage.


The accreditation, teacher certification, standardized curriculum, national registry, assessment, and certification training procedure offered by NCCER are all significant parts of the industry's workforce development efforts. 


NCCER also monitors a variety of programs targeted at strengthening career development and recruitment efforts in the sector. 


NCCER’s assessment, certification, and career development services can help you make a bright career in the construction industry. 

Accredited Program!

Global Standard Curriculum.

Training: If you want to acquire skills that will help you get started in the construction industry, you can enroll in one of Omega Training LLC NCCER's craft training courses. We deliver these training sessions in accordance with the NCCER curriculum. We provide standard curriculum as  taught by contractors, associations, construction users, and secondary and post-secondary colleges all over the world.


If you pass the written test, you will be awarded the "Knowledge Verified" credential. You must demonstrate your expertise in a supervised condition in front of certified performance assessors to get your "Performance Verified" certificate. NCCER grants the "Certified Plus" designation if you pass both the written and performance tests.


Industry-recognized Certification.

Omega Training LLC provides certificates in a variety of fields. The following fields in each domain are eligible for NCCER certification:

Construction Technology and Management: Manufactured Construction Technology, Foreman, Supervisor, Sustainable Construction Supervisor, Construction Workforce, Development, Crew Leadership, Professional, Project Management, Safety Orientation, and Technology

Trades: Carpentry, Concrete Finisher, Construction, Electrical, Drywall Mechanic, Masonry, Painting, Pipefitting, Pipe Laying, Plumbing, Welding

Maintenance: Boilermaker Construction and Maintenance, Industrial Maintenance, Scaffolding Construction, and Maintenance.

Equipment Operation: Crane Operator, Gas Pipeline Operations, Heavy Equipment Operations, Hydroblasting Technician.

Manufacturing: Industrial Millwright, Iron Making, Sheet Metal

Electrical and Electronics: Industrial Insulator, Instrumentation, Power Generation (Maintenance Electrician, Maintenance Mechanic), Power Line Worker (Substation, Distribution, Transmission, Reinforcing Ironworker)

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We now provide self-paced training courses through partner platform, which are available instantly online and 24/7. Each course includes best practices, system training, and downloadable materials, and it can be accessed multiple times. To begin with the NCCER Specialization course. Please send us a message. We'll get back to you as shortly.

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