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To deliver practical solutions to our clients, Omega Training LLC has worked with prominent international consultants with considerable industry expertise who have held executive and managerial roles.

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Our team offers a unique training experience that combines a strong academic basis, substantial industry experience, and a thorough grasp of the cultural and organizational challenges that come with business development and long-term success.

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Some of the things our clients have said about us.

This is a fantastic course that walks you through the ScrumAgile process in a simple and well-crafted manner. Omega Training LLC has put in a lot of effort, hard work, and resources for you to learn and apply in your projects, which is fantastic and thoughtful of them. They have also offered discounts on other courses for students who seek to participate in their certification programs. This training provided me with both value and fresh information.

Sarah Shams Founder & CEO of PhonixConsults LLC

Thanks to Omega Training LLC for the effective, well-taught Scrum theory and procedure, I passed my Scrum Certification. The curriculum is well-structured, and the quizzes let you repeat topics learned in each segment and gain confidence in the subject area. It is the Scrum course to take, and you will not need anything else to pass the certification. I highly recommend it!

Jonathan K. Pawel Founder of Caret Sustainable Ideas Foundation

Excellent Change Management Course for senior executives with really useful Templates that you can put to use right away. Provides a thorough overview of how to develop a plan, collaborate with project teams, and involve stakeholders.   It was a good use of both time and money.

Michelle W. Fox Creative Director of TALONGAINS Services

I must compliment you on how well you conveyed information, knowledge, and application in the project management course. It kept a 59-year-old like myself engaged and driven to finish the course, which, believe me, was really difficult. For me, digital was a black pit into which I was 'afraid' to venture! I'm pleased I got to do it with you. This course took me more than 10-12 days to finish, but I was able to do so because to the amazing rapport you established through this medium. I felt extremely strongly about the course and you. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. You performed a fantastic job. In terms of all things negotiation and project management, I am now lot more confident.

Dr Mariam Weber COO of MERND Corporations

Omega Training LLC is a brand I knew through their 'Hazwoper 40 Hours in Hazard Awareness' course as recommended by a friend. I had great expectations for the Senior Executive Productivity Coaching course after seeing the incredible value they provide through their courses. This Peak Performance course is true to their standards, with concise explanations covering a wide range of essential subjects. The best thing is that you won't feel overwhelmed by the knowledge provided because their trainer's engaging and pleasant teaching style makes it easy to absorb and keeps you captivated. Highly recommended for anybody looking to advance in a senior executive career!

Dr Janeth Grey Lincoln Director of MindfullTEENS Network

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